May 30, 2020

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About Rev. Titus Lee & Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Ministries

Teen Life Soulutions is a youth ministry tool written by Rev. Titus Lee that propels teenagers and youth workers to the next level of success and excellence. Rev. Titus Lee is the Founder and Director of Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Ministries. Through this teen mentoring ministry teenagers in Chicago, IL and around the nation are empowered spiritually, academically, in the performing & martial arts and socially. Rev. Lee effectively speaks to the hearts of teens and equips adult youth workers. That's why this teen ministry tool is a must have for your ministry and organization!

Sample Lesson

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This sample is from the unit "Give Me My Props" the lesson is entitled "The Perfect Combination- Obedience and Honor".  Excerpts from the Instructor's Guide and Student Book are below.

This is a free download.  It is a PDF file so you can download it by clicking the buttons below.






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