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                                                            TEEN LIFE SOULUTIONS HELPS YOU REACH TEENS



Teen Life Soulutions equips you to teach truth in the realistic context of daily living.  The biblical points, the illustrations and the role plays are contextualized so that they can impact the unique needs of millineal youth.  


The subject matter of each unit covers a broad variety of teen issues from a biblical perspective.  You are able to effectively address the multiple levels of spiritual maturity that may be present in your youth group or class using this resource.  


The relevant approach of our lessons makes this resource effective in any cultural setting.  As you teach these lessons they will resonate with urban and rural youth, churched and un-churched youth, as well as with youth from various backgrounds and ethnicities. 


The primary objective of each unit and lesson is to build Christ-like character in your youth.  The unique approach of this curriculum enables you to teach Christ in an inductive and exciting manner without seeming like He is being forced upon your youth.


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