Make The Connection Training Summits. Equipping Youth Workers to Excel.
Make The Connection Training Summits propel youth workers to the next level of effectiveness in their ministries and organizations! Our informative sessions equip youth workers with contemporary tools and comprehensive strategies that make them more successful in their efforts. The sessions in each summit is full of: in-depth instruction, powerful insights and enriching practical application points. Our summits serve as a platform upon which adult youth worker teams can build for the future. Make The Connection Training Summits are a dynamic resource to youth workers who serve in churches, schools, after-school programs and community organizations!
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Empowers Youth Workers

Make The Connection Training Summits help youth workers to discover the areas where they may have the most impact in reaching teens in their cities. They are empowered with practical tools that enable them to utilize their gifts and skills within their ministry and organization.

Enriches Leadership Teams

Mentoring strategies are shared that enrich adult youth workers! Ministries receive in-depth mentoring strategies that they can immediately implement. There are also in-depth leadership team structures that are introduced to help increase the effectiveness each leadership team.

Equips Ministries

Youth Workers are equipped with in-depth operational models that can be customized to fit their specific needs of their organization! These proven models greatly increase the growth and effectiveness. The models provide: innovative teaching approaches, a customizable program organizational structure, reward and reinforcement systems and more!

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