About The Author

About the Author

Rev. Titus Lee is the Founder and Director of Operation Link-Up, Inc. which is an holistic empowerment program that mentors, motivates and mobilizes youth!  He is a passioante youth advocate and speaker.  Each year he travels nationally and internationally to speak to teen issues as well as train youth workers in schools, ministries and organizations.   He is the author of Teen Life Soulutions, which is a comprehensive youth bible curriculum that is used in hundreds of schools, ministries and organizations.  He also hosts Make the Connection Training Summits in various cities.  These summits equip youth workers and educators to excel at reaching youth in their communities!

He has been featured on Moody Radio, the ABC Family Channel, Total Living Network (TLN), I-Heart Radio and other media outlets.  His television and radio program, Make The Connection, addresses key adult and youth issues and can also be viewed and heard on a weekly basis.    

Titus Lee is also the Pastor of Southside Worship Center A/G in Chicago, Illinois where he leads this thriving congregation on a weekly basis. He is joyfully married to his wife, Nedra.  They are the blessed parents of three wonderful children.


About Operation Link-Up

Operation Link-Up, which began in 1996 as an after-school program, has grown into a national program that is used across the United States and abroad!  This holistic program empowers youth between the ages of twelve and eighteen years old.  It empowers them to excel through: mentoring, motivation and mobilization.  The Operation Link-Up Program provides these in-depth program points: life enrichment, prep-4-success, 5-star quality program, performing arts, shooting stars, o.l.u. mentoring network, and much more! 

Operation Link-Up is comprehensive and relevant, therefore it applicable in both urban and suburban communities across the United States.  It is used in schools for after-school/after-care programs, in ministries for youth group structure and in grassroot community organizations as their primary youth mentoring program. 

The Original Operation Link-Up began in January of 1996 and still fully functions on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois.  Each week area teenagers are empowered through this exciting and innovative program!          


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