May 30, 2020

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About Rev. Titus Lee & Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Ministries

Teen Life Soulutions is a youth ministry tool written by Rev. Titus Lee that propels teenagers and youth workers to the next level of success and excellence. Rev. Titus Lee is the Founder and Director of Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Ministries. Through this teen mentoring ministry teenagers in Chicago, IL and around the nation are empowered spiritually, academically, in the performing & martial arts and socially. Rev. Lee effectively speaks to the hearts of teens and equips adult youth workers. That's why this teen ministry tool is a must have for your ministry and organization!

Unit Overviews

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There are eight, five lesson, units in the Teen Life Soulutions curriculum. An overview of four units are below. All units are topical with great biblical depth!
Picked Out For A Purpose helps teens to realize that they are on earth to fulfill God's perfect plan. This unit empowers teens to transition from "attitudes of aimlessness" to "attitudes of passionate pursuit"! Each lesson reveals who teens are in Christ and that they are to purposefully impact their communities and the world! Some of the Biblical personalities addressed in this unit are: Jeremiah, Moses, King David and others! Some lesson titles are: The Eternal Design, Preserved For A Purpose, Dangerous Distractions and more...


I Don't Come Cheap helps teens to understand the value of sexual purity. They are empowered with biblical strategies that enable them to overcome the pitfalls of pornography, promiscuity and pre-marital experimentation. I Don't Come Cheap highlights: the importance of setting boundaries, the penalties of pre-marital sex, the blessing of waiting and more. Some of the Biblical personalities addressed in this unit are: Joseph, Samson, Apostle Paul and others! Some lesson titles are: Draw The Line, If You Play You Will Pay, Sexcess Versus Godly Success and more...
Give Me My Props equips teens to properly engage with authority figures. Teens learn why it is beneficial to submit to authorities in the various situations and settings in which they find themselves. Give Me My Props helps teens to understand how biblical "submission and humility" opens the doors of opportunity and favor in every area of their lives. Some of the Biblical personalities addressed in this unit are: Apostle Paul, Apostle Peter and others! Some of the lesson titles are: God's Purpose For Government, The Sandwich of Submission, Humility Leads to Honor and more...


Get Off The Edge empowers teens to face and overcome anger issues. They learn that anger is a tool that does not have to lead to acts of rage, violence, self-abuse or destruction. The content of each lesson helps to diffuse deep-seated anger in the hearts of teens. Get Off The Edge equips teens to master anger as Christ did while on earth. Some of the Biblical personalities addressed in this unit are: King Saul, Cain and others! Some lesson titles are: Recognize The Road Signs, Eruptions of Rage, From Anger to Action and more...

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