August 12, 2022

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About Rev. Titus Lee & Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Ministries

Teen Life Soulutions is a youth ministry tool written by Rev. Titus Lee that propels teenagers and youth workers to the next level of success and excellence. Rev. Titus Lee is the Founder and Director of Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Ministries. Through this teen mentoring ministry teenagers in Chicago, IL and around the nation are empowered spiritually, academically, in the performing & martial arts and socially. Rev. Lee effectively speaks to the hearts of teens and equips adult youth workers. That's why this teen ministry tool is a must have for your ministry and organization!

Teen Life Solutions :: CD's & DVD's

Dynamic Messages & Training Resources on C.D. 

"Make The Connection Training Summit 2012 CD Pack"
All six of these CD's equip Pastors and Youth Leaders to impact teens in innovative ways! You will enjoy these sessions: Reaching Bullied and broken Teens, Building a Balanced Youth Ministry, Creating A Culture of Excellence, The Language of the Millennials, Rigidness v.v. Righteousness and Dealing with Esteem Issues". The speakers include: Pastor Titus Lee, Dr. Susy Francis, Pastor Danny Lopez, Mike Koulianos and Pastor J.J. Molodecki.     
"Tongues of Fire"
The tongue is powerful. It can build or destroy depending on whose controlling it. This message will teach teens the difference between "careful" tongues and "careless" tongues. The fire of the Holy Spirit will only rest in a teen that has a careful tongue.
"He Came In A Hoopty"
Jesus chose the least likely animal on which to ride into Jerusalem, an isolated and overlooked donkey. That's exactly what he is doing in this youth generation... he is raising up teens that have been overlooked and negatively labeled to help usher revival into schools, neighborhoods and cities!
"Smoke Out The Enemy"
Whenever prayer and fasting increases in the life of teens the presence of the Lord also increases. The presence of the Lord is that consuming fire that makes satan uncomfortable and causes him to flee from the places in which he was once comfortable in the lives of teens.
"Enough Is Enough"
For teens to experience freedom in their lives they must stop tolerating what they have been called to eliminate! Regardless of the negative habits or hobbies that they been struggling to overcome, victory is possible when they decide that enough is enough and depend on God to set them free!


Inspirational Adult Sermons Available To You On C.D.
By Rev. Titus Lee

"It's Possible To Fly"
Many people have been grounded by doubt and unbelief. You will learn that Jesus Christ has broken the snares of bondage so that you may soar to higher levels of vision and faith.
"The Absolute Truth"
Amidst all of the variables of life one thing stands true...the Word of God! You will learn that even the well-intentioned words of individuals will change, but God's Word is immutable. When the Word is used it produces supernatural results.
"The Shout Of The Lord"
The shout of the Lord is the highest form of unified praise. When the corporate Body of Christ releases the shout it is a weapon that opens avenues for miracles in families, ministries and cities.
"Energized To Endure"
There is an inner spiritual strength that can energize you to stand through the most difficult trials. You can walk in the power of God and endure difficult seasons regardless of what is crumbling around you!
"Destined Despite The Detours"
Sometimes God removes you from the predictable paths of life to reveal the blessings of walking by faith on the back roads. You will learn that assignments in obscurity are necessary to usher you into your divine destiny.
"Get Ready For Greater"
Preparation for the future is a great act of faith. We are often called to prepare in emptiness before God sends the fullness of his promises into our lives. This C.D. reveals that increase is granted only after capacity has been created to accommodate it!
"Extreme Sacrifice"
God will release the rain in our lives when we are willing to give up what is most precious to us! Learn how to become a poured out drink offering so God's best can manifest in your life.
"Grace To Get It Done"
Many people have experienced incompletion in their lives. They have started but failed to finish in assignments, relationships and even financial commitments. This C.D. reveals that God grants grace that enables you to finish what you start regardless of the obstacles that you encounter!

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